Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving
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After you check in at the front desk of this renowned indoor skydiving facility,  get fitted for your flight suit and learn all about indoor skydiving. An expert runs through all the basics: how to hold your body while flying, hand signals, and safety procedure. Afterward, don a flight suit, gloves, goggles, helmet and ear plugs for your big plunge!

Enter a wind tunnel with your instructor and small group limited to five people. Take turns flailing in the air as you imagine what it feels like to free fall from a plane. Your indoor skydiving experience lasts three minutes, as you float over the high-powered wind tunnel. Typical skydiving typically lasts roughly a minute, making this a great way to try the moves you learned in training. The airstream safely lifts you in the air, and highly trained instructors are always within an arm's reach. Once you're finished defying gravity, watch your group members hover above you. It's the perfect way to get an adrenaline fix without the high-altitude risk!

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