Black Sabbath & Rival Sons at MGM Grand Garden Arena
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Founded among the steel mills of Birmingham, England in 1968, guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler, singer Ozzy Osbourne, and drummer Bill Ward formed what would arguably become the greatest heavy metal band of all time. Initially a heavy blues rock band named Earth, the band took occult and horror themes and combined them with heavily distorted down-tuned guitars and invented a genre that is as vibrant today as ever. Black Sabbath also composed songs dealing with social instability, political corruption, substance abuse and war. Releases such as Black Sabbath (1970), Paranoid (1970) and Master of Reality (1971) are looked upon as vanguards, records which influenced artists as varied as Iron Maiden, Metallica and Soundgarden.
Black Sabbath was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. Ranked by MTV as the "Greatest Metal Band" of all time, they have sold over 70 million records and countless concert tickets worldwide.

MGM Grand Garden Arena Las Vegas, NV 07:30 PM

Tickets from $63.00 - $2,6703.00

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