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Enrique Iglesias doesn't waste any time getting to the point on his tenth full-length album, SEX AND LOVE [Republic Records].
Instead, he reaches right for the heart of what's on everyone's mind with the provocative title. The Grammy Award-winning international icon knows how to satisfy those universal, unanimous urges we all have, and he does so with his boldest offering yet."I wanted to be straightforward," he declares. "The title describes exactly what the album is about. From day one, I knew that I was going to call it SEX AND LOVE. You're going to find songs that mix the two sides, and you're going to find songs that focus on one or the other. Some of it is fun and obviously sexual, while some of it is more introspective and nostalgic. The words go together, but they can be separate and inspire different feelings and thoughts. It's all-encompassing."

In late 2012, Enrique wrapped up a two-year whirlwind supporting the double-platinum Euphoria, which itself yielded the inesca

Enrique Yglecias sold more than 100 million albums and singles combined worldwide, released ten studio albums, plus two greatest hits compilations, and is a multiplatinum artist in almost every country around the world. Performing live at The Caesars Palace  on Sept. 15 and 16  at 8pm.

Ages: Guests Under 18 Require Accompanying Adult

Doors Open: 7:00PM

Price: $39.50 - $300.00

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